Can you really learn to be more interesting?

Can you really learn to be more interesting?

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When life gets interesting

Can you really learn to be more interesting? There’s greater emphasis on the “more” because truthfully you already are a unique and interesting person no matter what you think of yourself.

Each day we wake brings with it opportunities to try again, succeed again and not to have to relive the previous day’s drama. Here’s a thought that many seem to ignore to their own detriment. You actually do not have to go through this journey called life all alone.

You see many people think they have to tread this journey all by themselves because sometime during early socialization they pick up the lesson or through going through their life they have been burnt in the past.

Yes, pain is horrible. It’s there to prevent us hurting but I think its also there to teach.

When was the last time you reviewed your life lessons? You know the ones that made you stop and doubt yourself, over and over again. I will say this there is something inside of you which shows up has unhappiness.  Something inside you has a yearning to return to your greatness.

You started off this journey of life feeling hopeful but then somewhere along the way doubt crept in slowly but surely over the years changing who you were meant to be. Settling know longer satisfies you. Do you want to know why this is?

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