Fears, Aspirations & Goals

Fears, Aspirations & Goals

Fears, Aspirations & Goals

Fears, Aspirations and Goals are required to be kept in check, if you are planning a happy and prosperous 2019!

Ok, it’s down to business, let’s start how we mean to go on. By now you should have a set of processes, and a system for successful action taking in mind for how you intend to follow through on the goals you have set up for yourself this yeah. Right?

Well, if you have not yet all is not lost. You have definitely come to the right place, during the right time in the year to work out how to take your ideas from mind farts to actual tangible results.

Overcoming Fears

It’s ok to feel fearful when embarking on a big adventure. This is a normal healthy reaction to pending change. What you need to do now is to work on how you conquer this fear, on how you tame this inner beast, and not permit it to take up residency in your mind for the remainder of this year.

We have work to do. First up I would like you to complete if you’ve never done one before an MBTI or Hexaco Personality test. You will find these really interesting. To gain clearer insights into your personality is the one of the first steps coaches like me use to help clients better understand themselves, and how they tick.

Setting Your Goals

Motivated 2 Change
Create the life you want

Now remember before you rush off to get a random goal setting template, and attend another seminar or read yet another self help book. Your needs are individual, whilst we all have similarities nothing beats a tailor made for you specific plan.  Because what motivates Y, will often turn X off. That said click here for some ideas on goal setting.

If you want to go deeper with step by step activities plans showing you how best to increase your success in 2o19, then Click Here.

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