Set Sail For Success In 2019

Set Sail For Success In 2019

What one thing would you like to have accomplished by the end of 2019?

There are now only a few weeks to go until the new year is upon us.  Have you made any plans yet for how your life will improve in the years ahead. Just because we are in the festive period doesn’t give you a pass on putting of planning your life goals. This time of year is not only a good time to take stock of the past year but it also brings an opportunity  for true reflection on what ideas worked, what did I miss, put off and should have done.

As someone who subscribes to the thought that everything in the Universe happens in its own time, and when it is meant to be. I too have reflected on this question for a while.

When I sat with this question for a few minutes I came up with quite a few accomplishments that have been burning a hole in my mind which I would like to share in no particular order:

  • A Parachute Jump
  • Go on a Quiet Retreat
  • Parasailing
  • Start A Pod Cast
  • Visit Australia & New Zealand

What about you, what one thing would you like to have accomplished by the end of 2019.

Ushering In A New Era

The end of 2019, not only marks the end of a year but it will also mark the end of a decade. Wow!

Motivated 2 Change
Transform and Succeed

As scary as that may seem for some – what will you do differently to start living your truth by the beginning of 2020. All being equal and we are all still here in good, health and able to do for ourselves what will make the end of 2019 become your decade of remembrance. I mean your all up for celebrating and remembering other peoples lives, what about your own life.

What lessons are you taking with you into the new year to help you move forward and accomplish your life goals, and objectives.  Have you been living by your values, do you even know what your values are, what have you stood for in this decade. It doesn’t matter too much whilst you’ve got breath inside you as to what has gone before you because you can’t undo the past. What counts from here on is how well you finish . Especially now you know better.

Living Your Best Life

There is an awful lot of speak out there which talks about living your best life…whatever that means!

How about just enjoying your life, enjoying your journey through this day called life. Would you like to be more focussed, would you like to learn how to get ideas from inside your head into the world, you know the ideas the potential side hustle that could be life changing, and enhancing for you, and your family.

You are not a passenger on this journey. You are a major player, architect, and a great designer. ~I’m ready to help you design, and co-create the life you would like to live, and you never know you might just start living your best life too!

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